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Blame Bogart reviews


A wonderful take on pet ownership from the view of the pet.

By JED says on November 4, 2015

This is a story of Bogart the family dog told from his view. Being the only pet for the family changes during a trip to the nearby shelter when the family picks out Ginger the cat. Bogarts initial reaction ďPut that smelly creature back in itís cage and letís go home!Ē

The story is fun and had me chuckling nearly the whole way through. Being an animal lover and seeing the view of the dog and his thoughts was great. The book also proved one other thing Iíve always thought, Cats are evil! They may look cute and cuddly, they may butter you up, rub against your leg but deep down they are just looking for ways to cause trouble. I have two cats I love and I still feel this way.

The author says at the end the book was co-written with her ten year old granddaughter and I think they did a great job together. Itís an easy read that most children should get through by themselves. I really liked the story and believe kids and adults will enjoy it as well.


I really liked this book

By Brenda Wright on November 4, 2015

The review is from my daughter, Jaemee, who read this book. Jaemee is 9 years old.

Jaemee's review: I really liked this book. It was very funny. I liked the name of the dog because it's not a name that everyone else would use to name a dog. I liked how the dog was telling the story....even though dogs can't really talk.....or write. LOL

I would tell all of my friends to read this book. They will love it.

From Jaemee, 9 years old.


A book for children and adults alike! A very enjoyable book.

By Janet N. on November 21, 2015

I received my book "Blame Bogart" on Sunday afternoon and by evening I had read the book. It is a book for children and I can tell you I am not a child, I am 80 years old and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as much as I did Diane Rose Duffy's other two books "Take a piece of my Heart" and "Love that heals the Heart."

When I heard that she had written another book, even though it was a children's book I knew that I had to have one.When I finished Diane's first book, I told my husband that I would really like to meet her and now I would really like to meet her, Lilly, Cassandra and Savannah. I hope that they write more books be it children's books or like her two previous books, you can be sure that I will get them and read them.

I let my daughter read the book "Blame Bogart"and she told me that she really enjoyed the book as well. A definite 5 star rating.



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