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Bogart Listens reviews


Wonderful Bogart story. FIVE STARS

By Susan Keefe on March 20, 2016

Who cannot love the amazing Bogart? The most adorable family pet, always trying to help his family, join in the fun, and make people happy.

The only problem is that Bogart is a Golden Retriever dog, and his schemes to cheer up his people can sometimes go horribly wrong, like the time when he thought Grandpa Mike would like some of Ginger’s toys to cheer him up…

In this the second Bogart book, Bogart and his family have to adjust to the arrival of their extended family when ‘Little Mike’ has to go abroad with the army and his heavily pregnant wife and their little girl Ashley come to stay.

It is an adjustment everyone has to make and Bogart in his own way tries to make it right for all, listening to their worries and selflessly offering kisses and tummy rubs for free at times of stress.

The listening Bogart however uncovers many insecurities suffered by young and old alike and also highlights the worries of those who serve, or are the relatives of those serving in the armed forces.

Blame Bogart, the first book in the series had become such a favourite story for my grandchildren, that when I realised Bogart Listens had been released I downloaded it straight away on my Kindle Unlimited subscription. The children and I loved the story, and I must admit I made my husband chuckle too when I continually read excerpt out to him.


By jlswainsboro/Judy Lewis on March 20, 2016


I love, love, love Bogart! Yes, I realize Bogart is a children's book and yes, I am a 64 year old woman, so I'm sure you're asking yourself why in the world an old lady is reading children's fiction, right? Well, it's like this - Diane Rose Duffy has been one of my favorite authors for two years. She's a relative newcomer to the world of publishing but after reading her very first release, Take a Piece of My Heart, a fabulously entertaining work of adult literary fiction which I would classify as a contemporary romance/chick-lit, I fell head over heels for Duffy's unique style, quick wit, surprising humor and obvious talent. Then in June 2015, Duffy released the second book of her Wavering Heart Series, Love Heals the Heart, a wonderful contemporary romantic comedy which completely bowled me over, captured my heart and instantly became one of my favorite books of all time.

But I digress, let's talk about Bogart Listens.

Bogart is a smart and very loyal golden retriever adopted from the local animal shelter by the seemingly, ever growing Clark family. Unfortunately for Bogart, he must now share the spotlight with the newest additions to the family, Ginger the spoiled and pampered cat who was also recently adopted from the local shelter, and Nellie the talking parrot who came when Grandpa Mike moved in to join Papa Greg, Mama Wendy, and the triplets, Cassandra, Savannah and Lilly. Wow, that's quite a large family living under one roof and Bogart has just learned the family will soon be growing again with the arrival of Papa Greg's younger brother, Little Mike and his pregnant wife, Auntie Kristy, and daughter Ashley. Oh my! It seems Little Mike, who as it turns out, is much, much bigger than Papa Greg and Grandpa Mike and not so little. Hmm...quite puzzling! Little Mike is keeping everyone safe by serving his country and will be leaving to go to somewhere called overseas, a place Auntie Kristy and Ashley can't go, which means the number of the ever growing Clark family brood will be increasing and experiencing 'growing pains' - again. Bogart has only recently reclaimed his bed and reached a somewhat amicable but very tentative truce with Ginger the cat and now learns he must share the attention with even more humans. And it seems they all have their own problems and self doubts, and all too eager to voice their concerns to poor Bogart. Sadly, Bogart can't talk to reassure and comfort his beloved family but that certainly doesn't stop him from trying. And regrettably, some of his attempts go terribly awry. Oh my goodness! Here we go again!

Fabulous entertainment and a wonderfully heartwarming read! What did I love about this book? Everything! Would I recommend it? You bet and I am for both children and adults! Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Just as soon as she releases her next book! Deliciously cute and delightfully entertaining!



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