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Love Heals the Heart Reviews


A Must Read!

By Danielle Urban on December 16, 2015

Love Heals the Heart by Diane Rose Duffy is a must have for all readers. A romance quite unlike any other that I have read. It's packed full of everything readers would find in many other genres. Adventure, romance, humor, mystery and much more all can be found in this delightful yet beautifully well-written story.

Readers will find themselves lost in the tragic situation of both protagonists. Suspense builds up with every page. Their survival is a must yet the hopes of it coming true look slim. A woman, who yearns for the right man to settle down with forever. She finds herself with a man, who suffered pain in the past and needs some healing. Can a spirited young woman like Gracie help Dylan to let go and move on? Or will they both have bigger problems like surviving their camping trip?

Love Heals the Heart is the first novel, that I have read by Diane Rose Duffy. Her chacracters will tug at readers hearts. It's difficult to not fall hard for the characters. Life has many lessons that it teaches us, and the human heart takes the biggest hit. Readers will laugh and and cry, after reading this brilliant mind-blowing romance novel. Diane Rose Duffy's words have a way of enticing every reader, to her fictional world. I loved reading this, and I highly recommend Love Heals the Heart to readers world wide


Another beautiful book from this author!!

By Tiffany Williamson July 28, 2015

Diane Rose Duffy has done it again!

I love a good romantic comedy with a side of snark, sexiness, and drama. This book has it all!

Gracie is a first grade teacher that has always dreamed about finding the perfect man that just gives her "the look" and she's a puddle of goo on the floor. Who knew that would be in the form of a rugged detective who happens to catch her with her pants down?

Trust me! It's a hilarious meet-cute:)

"He is the living, breathing picture of what most women would refer to as, man candy. This guy has it going on and is probably fully aware of it."

Dylan is a detective on a mission. He's not looking for love. He gave that up a long time ago and never looked back. But there is just something about this spunky, little, blonde spitfire that he can't turn away from. Life was about to get interesting.

"Gracie was sending up all the red flags, yet I keep finding myself drawn to her as if she is my lifeline...Gracie, get ready, because here I come!"

One of my favorite things about romance novels is watching two people slowly fall for each other. Gracie and Dylan are no exception.

I love that it wasn't just an "insta-love" situation. Yes, there was instant attraction, but there was some cat and mouse play that was very entertaining! I found myself swooning, as much as laughing.

I love Diane's writing! I feel like I'm watching a movie as I'm reading. Does that make sense? I can picture everything/everyone perfectly.

"I think you may well be addicting, Gracie Watson."

"I encourage that. Anytime and anyplace, Dylan Sanders."

Along with their best buds, Trish and Justin, this was a wonderful book! I can not tell you how many times I laughed out loud at the antics between Trish and Justin! They were "sparks and kindling" at it's best!

This book had heart and soul! It had humor, a little suspense, swoon-worthy moments, and beautiful scenes that make you appreciate the little things in life.

It's a perfect read if you love stories about friendship, forgiveness, loyalty, and love. Can not wait for the next one!!!

Beautiful book, Diane! Truly!

"Am I your happily ever after?"

"Yes you are."


Must Read!

By Penny S Marks on July 21, 2015

This is a must read. I know a lot of you out there have a huge TBR pile but you need to put this one to the top. This is the second book by Diane Rose Duffy and when you read this book you will not believe it is not her 10th. I couldn't put this book down. Her writing just flows and makes you fall easily into these characters.

The relationship between Gracie and Detective Dylan is instant even after an embarrassing start:) They both have a lot of emotional baggage to get through before they can truly be in a real committed relationship. But when they are together, OMG! they send out sparks through the pages.

Gracie loves her family but like a lot of us she has some rather interesting relatives. For example, Aunt Irma is an outspoken, spunky, tell it like it is no holds bar woman. I laughed so hard because I know we all have an Aunt Irma in our families.

Now to Trish, Gracie's best friend since childhood. I loved Trish and her loud, foul mouth. She could put a sailor to shame with her mouth. Especially the fireworks between her and Justin, Dylan's detective partner. They have a bumpy road ahead. You just have to read to see how this one plays out:) Believe me you won't be disappointed.

There are just so many characters to mention that make a huge impact on Gracie, Dylan, Trish, and Justin's path. For example, Doug, Gracie's brother, or Charlotte the harlot an enemy since childhood and last but not least Nick, Gracie's ex boyfriend.

I cannot say enough about this book. If you need a belly laugh, romance, a good cry, or adventure you need to read this amazing book. I can't wait to pick up her next novel. Thank you for this great book! Love, love, loved it.



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