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Diane Rose Duffy Books

Diane Rose Duffy's book series

Diane Rose Duffy has two series of books for her readers, young and old. The first is Wavering Hearts, a collection of humorous romance novels about young women caught up in love and it complications. The second series is the Bogart Series, a children's book series about a dog named Bogart, and his trials and tribulations as he adapts to life with the Clark family and their other pets.

Wavering Hearts Series

There are three books in this series:

• The first novel is Take a Piece of My Heart

• The second is Love Heals the Heart

• And the third, Our Wavering Hearts

Bogart Series

There are two books in this series:

• The first child's story is Blame Bogart

• The second is a sequel titled Bogart Listens



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